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Our focus region includes Southern African countries.

In a nutshell

Niche Group Holdings, is brand development and a distributing company which also operates in the manufacture, packaging and distribution of beauty products and accessories.  We are the authorised distribution partner for  leading beauty industry suppliers (our Principle Suppliers) who hail from Africa, Asia, USA and Europe. Our product portfolio also includes brands which we supply on a non exclusive reseller arrangement.

We aim to establish a niche collection of beauty products that comprehensively address the requirements of our professional partners (salons, stores and trade businesses) and the clients that they service. 



Brand partnerships

We partner with our Principle Suppliers to help bring their brand vision to life. Our service to them includes distribution into multiple sales networks including wholesale, retail, online and through resale to trade businesses.

Professional Partnerships

We believe that building a distribution ecosystem goes beyond just trade supply. A conscious effort must be taken to empower and equip each other to ensure a “better” industry continues to be built. This vision inspired the birth of SOCO  – an education and business development platform designed to equip beauty professionals in building their businesses.

vision &

Our vision is to be a leading product distributor and digital skills development partner for the beauty sector throughout Southern Africa.  


We aim to live up to the following principles in all our dealings:

  • INTEGRITY – taking an ethical approach to all our partnerships.
  • HONESTY – building trust, loyalty and taking pride in our work delivery.
  • EMPOWERMENT – equipping our partners through service and value offers.

& expertise

We have ample warehousing facilities  (including bond store)  and have the expertise, systems and infrastructure to support regional delivery and compliance with import/ export regulations.

retail patnerships

owned sales channels